Funding from Campus Employment and Federal Work-Study opportunities must be earned by the student. The amount of employment eligibility indicated in the Financial Aid Notification is an estimate of potential earnings and not a guarantee of employment or earnings.

Campus Employment is a non need-based form of student employment.  Students with Campus Employment are eligible to work on campus. Federal Work-Study is a need-based form of student employment subsidized by the federal government. Students with Federal Work-Study are eligible to work on campus and at participating community service agencies. 

The University allows students to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and earning potential will vary with hours worked and pay rate.

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For academic year employment opportunities, please view the ND Campus, Community Service, and ND Community positions listed below. For summer employment opportunities, please visit the Human Resources online employment site.

Notre Dame Campus Employment

Notre Dame Community Employment (Off-Campus)

Hiring Managers

All hiring managers should use the Student JOBboard Posting Submission Form to have an open student position published on the JOBboard. Once a position is filled or no longer needed, hiring managers may submit the Student JOBboard Posting Removal Form. ND campus departments are required to have access to the Student Employment Services channel in insideND to complete the student hiring process. Access may be requested by submitting the Originator and Approver Authorization Form.