After School Babysitter (1 position)


We are looking for after school babysitter starting the week of January 14, 2018 at our home in Granger. We have two early elementary age children (one boy and one girl, ages 11 and 9, respectively). We need one person to work (Mondays and Wednesdays) 2-6pm.

The job would entail meeting the children getting off of the school bus (so reliability is obviously essential), getting them started on any homework or piano practice, taking them to after school activities on some days such as sports or piano lessons, and playing with and reading to them. We would also ask you to start dinner on some nights, and help with minor tidying up in the home as well, though no major cleaning.

Position Available: 1


Experience in caring for children, patience, energy, kindness, creativity, flexibility, responsibility, and integrity. Ability to maintain a structured environment while fostering free play and creativity. Driver's license, experience driving in winter weather conditions, safe driving record, and reliable vehicle are a must. Must be able to commit firmly and responsibly to a regular schedule for the entire semester. Consistency and reliability are top priorities. Interest and experience in working with children with communication disorders and/or special needs is a plus.

Hours per week: 8


Mondays and Wednesdays, 2-6pm

Hourly Rate: $13.00


Will reimburse for mileage on your car while taking children from our home to activities and back (to be reimbursed at the national rate which is currently $.55 per mile). 

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact us ASAP, as we are hoping to hire someone in the coming weeks. We expect that ND or St. Mary's students will likely 
be unavailable for Spring Break, so we are accounting for this. 

Manager Name: Peter Barnes

Phone: (574) 323-3591