Happy Responsible Babysitter


My wife and I are looking for a babysitter for our 3 children in South Bend. And we're looking now! So easy. 6-year-old girl will talk your ear off, and 5-year-old son does whatever she days. Baby girl needs food and she'll just stare at the older two. Looking for babysitter with flexible availability during the day. Sometimes Tuesdays 11:45-2:45, sometimes Fridays 3:15-6. Should be able to transport themselves to our house, a short walk from campus.

Position Available: 1


Comparable experience 

Hours per week: 4


Tuesdays and Fridays 11am - 6pm window, but flexible 

Hourly Rate: $10.00


Email me if interested in learning more about our family and want to help! Use subject "Happy Responsible Babysitter". Can start as early as Jan 30. Days of the week are flexible as well.

Manager Name: Jodain Massad

Phone: (646) 498-8329

Email: jmassad1@nd.edu