Logic Grader


Grading one section (20-30 students) of logic assignments during the first three-four weeks of the Spring 2018 semester.

Position Available: 1


The grader must provide a (unofficial) transcript showing completion (with satisfactory grades) of at least beginning logic, and be fast and adept at using natural deduction systems for predicate logic with identity.

Hours per week: 15



Hourly Rate: $9.00


The grading position begins during the first week of Spring 2018 semester and ends by the end of the third week of that semester. During those three weeks the grader will be spending at least 12-15 hours each week grading logic assignments. The turnover needs to be fast so that the students receive back their graded assignments within two days.

Manager Name: Jeff Snapper

Phone: (616) 780-8664

Email: jsnapper@nd.edu