Research Assistant ( data visualization/ graphic designer)


The Wellbeing at Work Program seeks qualified undergraduate research assistants to assist its team members with data visualization and graphic design projects. 

About Us:
The Wellbeing at Work Program (WBW) is affiliated with Mendoza College of Business and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies. Headed by Associate Professor of Management Matt Bloom, WBW uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore the exciting and groundbreaking topic of what makes work engaging and impactful. Our interdisciplinary research investigates the conditions that foster and impede positive work experiences, specifically among people in the helping and caring-giving professions such as clergy and humanitarian aid workers. Please see our website for more information about our team and our research:

Students will be responsible for:
•    Working closely with research team members
•    Assisting team members with various creative projects 
•    Assisting in the creation of visually appealing documents and reports 
•    Assisting with audio and/or video production, if needed 

Position Available: 1


Ideal candidates will meet the following criteria:
•    Able to commit at least 5 hours/week
•    Have an interest in creative work 
•    Have familiarity with video/audio production 
•    Have good writing and communication skills
•    Maintain confidentiality of research participants

Hours per week: 5


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; flexible 

Hourly Rate: $8.90


We are especially interested in students with creative skills and imagine students across all majors could be fit for this position. Please send a short letter of interest and a one-page resume to

Manager Name: Matt Bloom

Department: Wellbeing at Work Program

Phone: (574) 631-7755