Senior Research Assistant


Position requires student to help Dr. Shrader-Frechette with her medical, public-health, environmental and social-justice research and writing . (See her website at She works on problems of environmental pollution and health problems caused by pollution, and her specialization is human health risk assessment. She also does significant pro-bono scientific and social-justice work in poor, minority communities who are harmed by pollution. They are victims of environmental injustice.
This student work requires (1) library (usually online) and journal research on topics related to medicine, science, public health, and environmental impacts of pollution; (2) preparing bibliographies on topics related to (1); and (3) putting medical/environmental science articles into correct format for journals. Must have ability to use professional library journals and do research in them by using online indices for journals. One big benefit of the position is the freedom it allows, as work can be done any time, on student's own time. A second benefit is that RA will be paid to help do research and will be listed as a coauthor on Dr. Shrader-Frechette's medical, scientific, public-health, and environmental publications in top journals. A third benefit is that RA will get a letter of recommendation from Dr. Shrader-Frechette. Any letter from her counts for a lot in a medical-school, graduate-school, or law-school application, as her research is very well known internationally . Hence, she can really increase your chances of a great career opportunity and financial aid.

Position Available: 1


Must be at least sophomore or junior
May have any major, but also must be able to do research in professional science/medical/engineering journals 
Must have GPA of 3.85 or above;
Must be able to work independently, with precision and accuracy
Must have near-perfect use of U Chicago style manual for research formatting
Must have interest in environmental and public-health problems;
Must have commitment to social justice

Hours per week: 5



Hourly Rate: $10.00


Can hire either immediately, later this semester, or at beginning of next school year, whoever student prefers
By email to, with email header “SENIOR RESEARCH ASSISTANT JOB” send your 
(1) name
(2) email address
(3) phone number
(4) year in college
(5) major and minor at ND
(6) GPA
(7) whether you use Mac or PC computer

Manager Name: Kristin Shrader-Frechette


Phone: (574) 631-5000