Value of a Notre Dame Education

Golden Dome

A Notre Dame education is an incredibly valuable investment – and not simply because of the quality, rigor, and access of the education you’ll receive.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to truly get to know yourself through spiritual examination and personal inquiry. As a student here, you’re encouraged to take the time to discover who you are, what you love, and how to apply your knowledge. At the same time, you’ll gain an understanding of the world that involves a critical examination of issues, cultures, and ideas. This combination of self-discovery and global-awareness is a hallmark of the Notre Dame education, and is one of the ways that our graduates are prepared to thrive in a changing world.

Beyond the classroom, Notre Dame offers one of the widest and most influential alumni networks in the world. From bringing hundreds of recruiters to campus, to providing grants and scholarships, to ensuring that you’ll have an ally in every graduate you meet, the Notre Dame community is something that strengthens and deepens over the course of time. Despite the many tangible benefits of a Notre Dame education, the strength of our community is, quite simply, unquantifiable.