Executive Master of Nonprofit Administration

Students enrolling in the summer 2020 EMNA Program should complete the 2020/2021 FAFSA.

The average Summer 2020 Notre Dame Executive Master of Nonprofit Administration student expense budget includes:

Summer 2020

Item Cost
Tuition1 (3 credits) $3,117
Room and Meals $3,450
Books and Supplies2 $100
Personal Expenses $1,200
Transportation $900
Total $8,767

The average 2020/2021 academic year costs are estimated as follows:

Fall 2020 and Spring 20213

Item Cost
Tuition1 (3 credits) $3,117
Books and Supplies2 $100
Total $3,217

1$1,039/credit. Tuition will be adjusted based upon the number of credit hours for which the student is enrolled.
2$100 allowed per course for books and supplies
3Because of the less than traditional full-time student status of this program for all enrollment periods other than the first summer period, it should be noted that the expenses beyond tuition and fees for subsequent enrollment periods cannot be simply estimated. However, for students seeking financial assistance for costs beyond tuition, fees, and books, student loans are possible.

Actual costs may vary from the amounts listed based on housing accommodations, travel costs, and personal expenses. Annual increases in the cost of a Notre Dame education are anticipated.