Student Employee FAQs

Fall Semester 2020

Can students who did not apply for financial aid work on campus?

Yes, jobs posted to the student JOBboard will be available to all students.

Can I receive wage replacement if I cannot find a job?

Wage replacement will not be available for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Will students be allowed to work at local community service agencies through the Federal Work-Study program?

No, for health and safety concerns, the University is limiting off-campus volunteer and work opportunities for students this fall.

Will I still be allowed to perform work for Notre Dame affiliates (e.g., child care or yard work for Notre Dame faculty, staff, or graduate students)?

Not at this time, given health and safety concerns.

What are the pay rates for student jobs?

You may view the 2020/2021 Pay Rates on the Student Employment web page.

Can I work remotely if I do not return to campus?

Students enrolled remotely who are located domestically will be allowed to work remotely, if they are able to find an appropriate remote work opportunity.

What is the earliest date a student can begin working on campus?

The first official day for on-campus student employment for the academic year will be August 6, 2020.