Parent Income Range From $20,000 to $39,999

Family of four living in Indiana with a student enrolled at Notre Dame. Student has a younger sibling who is in middle school.

Parents Income in 2014 was $39,000.

Parents have $500 in savings. The family rents their home.

The student earned $5,100 in 2014.

Financial Assistance Amount
University Scholarships $47,200
Federal Pell Grant $5,425
Federal Supplemental Grant $1,800
State Grant $7,774
Campus Employment $2,250
Total Assistance $64,449
$61,775 Cost for tuition, fees, room and meals
$62,199 Financial Assistance (excludes work)
$0 Amount family owes

Student will have $424 to help pay for books, personal expenses (like laundry, activities) and travel. Student also can use the money earned from work for other expenses like transportation.