Graduate School Programs

The average 2024/2025 Notre Dame Graduate Program student expense budget includes:

Summer 2024

Item Cost
Tuition1 $1,340
Housing and Food $4,950
Books and Supplies2 $100
Personal Expenses $1,200
Transportation $900
Total* $8,490

Fall 2024/Spring 2025

Item Cost
Tuition $64,356
Fees $470
Housing and Food $14,850
Books and Supplies $1,750
Personal Expenses $6,690
Transportation $2,700
Total* $90,816

1 $1,340 per credit hour

2$100 allowance per course for books and supplies

*Actual costs vary based on housing accommodations, travel costs, and personal expenses. Annual increases in the cost of a Notre Dame education are anticipated. If you have accepted  Federal Direct Loan(s), federal origination Fees will be added to your Cost of Attendance.