Law Program

The average 2022/2023 Notre Dame Law Program student expense budget includes:

Item Cost
Tuition $65,436
Fees $500
Room and Meals $10,450
Books and Supplies $1,750
Personal Expenses $6,410
Transportation $2,700
Total $87,246

Actual costs vary based on housing accommodations, travel costs, and personal expenses. Annual increases in the cost of a Notre Dame education are anticipated.

Please note, because bar exam courses and fees are not expenses related to completing your course of study at the University of Notre Dame, and are related to post-enrollment costs, we are not in a position to increase the cost of attendance to include these amounts.

However, private bar study loans can be a helpful option if you do not have the financial resources to cover your bar exam expenses; you may visit the Law School website for a list of bar study loan options.