Current Undergraduates

Financial Aid Application Checklist

Please note that, while current enrolled students may submit their financial aid applications beginning in October, our office will not begin releasing their Financial Aid Offers until May due to the high volume of applications for first-year students.

Priority Date: April 15

  • 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - School Code: 001840 (Available December 2023)
  • 2024-25 CSS Profile (for the custodial parent and, if applicable, the noncustodial parent) - School Code: 1841 (Available October 2023)
  • Parent 2022 W-2 Form(s), if applicable (submitted directly to the office via our secure document upload portal)
  • On request only, submit the following:
    • Parent and student handwritten signed 2022 Federal Tax Returns
    • Student 2022 W-2 Form(s)
    • Verification Worksheet
    • Other Documents as requested (e.g. business tax returns)

"My Financial Aid" Instructions

The InsideND portal houses the "My Financial Aid" portal for currently enrolled students.  Students can use "My Financial Aid" to access important financial aid information, such as their submitted and outstanding applications and documents, their annual Financial Aid Offer, as well as a summary of their federal student loan borrowing. This information is available 24/7 allowing students to check on their status at times when the Office of Financial Aid may not be available. 

Communications from the Office of Financial Aid

In most cases, email to a student's Notre Dame email address is used as the primary means of communicating with enrolled students. The email provided on the admission application is only used for prospective and newly admitted students.  PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE: The Office of Financial Aid sends all correspondence to the student. The student is responsible for sharing the information with their parents.