Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate Questions

What changes were made to my FAFSA?

If you receive notification from the Department of Education regarding corrections made to your FAFSA, these changes were made during our verification process and will be reflected on your Financial Aid Offer. 

When will my student loans disburse?

Federal and private student loans will disburse to your student account on Monday August 14, 2023.

How do I accept my Federal Direct Loans?

First-time Borrowers: At Notre Dame, loans are accepted by completing Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note (MPN) on the website.

Repeat Borrowers: The Federal Direct Loan(s) will be processed for the amount listed on the Financial Aid Offer. If you desire to make changes to your loan(s) please contact us at

How do I adjust my loans?

If you would like to adjust your loan(s) please send an email request to For more information on student loan eligibility, please visit the loan section on our website at University of Notre Dame - Student Loans.

How will I receive communication from Financial Aid?

Correspondence is sent to students' Notre Dame email addresses. It is the responsibility of the students to forward the correspondence to their parent(s).

Is my financial aid file complete?

If you have completed your financial aid application(s) please continue to check your email for any requests for additional information and respond to our office as promptly as possible. You can also monitor your My Financial Aid in InsideND for any outstanding documents.

How do I report outside scholarships that are not listed on my Financial Aid Offer?

Please email to provide the name of the organization, the award amount, and if the funds will be renewable in future years.

Do outside/private scholarships affect my financial aid?

Since Notre Dame meets the demonstrated need of every student, the receipt of funds not listed on the Financial Aid Offer will likely result in a change to your financial aid. Need-based subsidized loan(s) and work are reduced first. A revised Financial Aid Offer is sent via email if your financial assistance is adjusted. 

Where can I find student employment? 

Students are responsible for finding their own position, as jobs are not assigned. Student employment opportunities may be found on the JOBboard. Students are also encouraged to contact departments directly to inquire about employment opportunities.

How will I be paid for my job?

You will be paid through direct deposit to the personal bank account you set up with the university via InsideND. Information about completing the direct deposit process can be found on the New Student Employee Guide

When will I receive my Financial Aid Offer?

Students with a completed file will receive their Financial Aid Offers for 2024-2025 beginning in late January based on this schedule. Offers are sent out to students with a completed file on a daily basis to their ND email address.

Unsure if your file is completed? Visit the question "Is my financial aid file complete?".