Private Scholarships

Many private organizations provide financial assistance to Notre Dame students. Scholarship information may be obtained by contacting civic, professional, religious and other community organizations. The College Board's Scholarship Search and FinAid! website provide scholarship search information and provides a significant scholarship database. Caution is advised with respect to the use of fee-based scholarship search enterprises. 

Since Notre Dame meets the demonstrated financial need of the student, the receipt of funds not listed in the Financial Aid Offer will likely result in an adjustment to their financial assistance. If appropriate, a revised Financial Aid Offer will be sent to the student noting receipt of the additional assistance and the adjustment to the student's financial aid. The receipt of any scholarship or grant not listed in the original Financial Aid Offer must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid as soon as the student is notified of the award. When reporting an award to the Office of Financial Aid, indicate the name and the amount of the award and whether the award is renewable in future years. Reporting may be done by email to or by mail.

As a guide, if a student receives aid beyond that which is listed in the Financial Aid Offer, the financial aid may be adjusted by reducing or eliminating:

  • Notre Dame Subsidized Loan (if applicable)
  • Federal Work-Study
  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loan
  • University Scholarship (includes University Scholarship, Provost's Scholarship, and SEO Grant)



Initial Financial Assistance   Revised Financial Assistance  
    $5,000 Outside Scholarship
$3,500 Direct Loan $3,500 Direct Loan
$4,000 Notre Dame Subsidized Loan $0 Notre Dame Subsidized Loan
$2,900  Work Study $1,900 Work Study 
$10,000 University Scholarship $10,000 University Scholarship
$20,400 Total $20,400 Total

Financial assistance is divided evenly and is credited to the student's University account equally between the fall and spring semesters, unless otherwise noted in writing by the organization.

If the student receives a check directly from a private organization, the check should be endorsed and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid for processing.

If an organization requires an official academic transcript or verification of enrollment, please submit a request online to the Office of the Registrar.