Part-Time Enrollment

Less than full-time enrollment status is defined by the University as less than 12 credit hours per semester for undergraduate students and is typically reserved for those who are in the final semester (eighth semester) of their senior year.

The policy that governs requests to be enrolled less than full-time is § 5.5.2 of the Academic Code of the University:

"An undergraduate degree-seeking student must be enrolled in at least 12 hours of credit in a given semester to be full-time. A student must seek permission to be a part-time student, carrying less than 12 credit hours, from the dean of his/her respective college. Such requests must be made before the seventh day of classes."

Remember to evaluate carefully which courses are required for your on-time graduation.

Consider carefully the nonacademic ramifications of becoming a part-time student. For example, some students receive a reduction in fees on their car insurance because they are full-time students. Please note that merit scholarships require students to be enrolled full-time. Other scholarships may also require that a student be enrolled full-time. Additionally, students may sometimes find that they must start paying back student loans once they become part-time students.

Tuition Adjustment


If permission to enroll on a less than full-time basis is granted, the dean will make a modification to the student’s record. The Office of Student Accounts will be notified of the change in enrollment status and a tuition adjustment will be made as necessary. There will be no adjustment to tuition unless permission is granted by the dean and the student’s class schedule is changed before the sixth class day of the fall or spring semester. Exceptions may be made with dean approval if enrollment is reduced below full-time due to health reasons.

Contingent upon following appropriate procedures and obtaining the necessary approval, tuition adjustments will be made according to the following schedule:

Number of Credit Hours Total Tuition & Fees1 for One Semester in 2023/2024
12 or More $31,347
11 $28,755
10 $26,164
9 $23,573
8 $20,982
7 $18,391
6 $15,800

1Mandatory undergraduate fees are not adjusted or prorated based on less than full-time enrollment status.

Financial Aid

Contingent upon following appropriate procedures and receiving an adjustment to tuition, adjustments to a student’s financial aid may be necessary as well.

Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, State Grant, and University Scholarship1 (including Faculty/Staff Education Benefit) will be reduced based on a percentage adjustment. Since 12 credit hours is considered full-time enrollment by the University, the percentage of financial aid adjustment is based on the number of credits enrolled for the semester divided by 12.


A student enrolled in 9 credit hours for the semester will receive 75% of their federal grant and University Scholarship funds during that semester (9 credits/12 credits = 75%).

Federal and private student loans will be adjusted as needed to comply with federal and institutional guidelines; however, most situations do not require an adjustment.

In some cases when a student reduces their enrollment to less than full-time, a portion or all of a scholarship from an outside organization must be returned to the donor. Any reduction or return of outside scholarships will be at the discretion of the donating organization.

Students receiving education benefits from their parent’s employer should confirm with parent’s employer (usually the Human Resources department) how less than full-time enrollment may affect their eligibility for these benefits.

1University scholarship consideration is given for a maximum of eight semesters (ten semesters for the architecture program and combination five-year engineering program with the College of Arts and Letters). Students electing to remain at Notre Dame to pursue a second major or degree are not eligible for University scholarships.

Students Enrolled in Less Than Six Credit Hours

Federal regulation and University policy dictate that students enrolled less than half-time (fewer than six credit hours) are not eligible for federal financial aid (grants and loans) or University Scholarship assistance. Students who are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, however, may receive a prorated amount of this grant with less than half-time enrollment. Private student loans are available for students enrolled less than half-time.

Students who cease to be enrolled on at least a half-time basis will enter their grace period and then repayment on their federal student loans (Perkins and Direct Loans). Students may enter repayment for many private loans as well and should contact their private loan lender directly for information.

On-Campus Housing

According to du Lac, if a student is not enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking student (as defined by the Academic Code), the (housing) contract becomes void and the student may not continue to reside in the residence hall. For specific questions regarding on-campus housing, contact the Office of Housing at (574) 631-5878 or

Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to allow all children up to age 26 to remain on their parent's policy, regardless of their enrollment status. 

University Health Insurance - All registered Domestic Undergraduate students taking 3 or more credit hours are eligible to enroll in the University of Notre Dame Student Injury and Sickness Plan on a voluntary basis. To enroll in the University of Notre Dame Student Injury and Sickness Plan, visit Aetna Student Health or call (888) 294-7406.

Meal Plan/Flex Points

Students enrolled on a less than full-time basis are eligible to purchase Meal Plans/Flex Points at their discretion to be used throughout the semester. Meal Plans and Flex Points may be purchased either online at and charged to your student account or in the Card Services Office with payment by cash or check. The Card Services Office is located at 423 Grace Hall. For specific questions about Meal Plans please call the Card Services Office at (574) 631-7814.