Summer Session

General information about the Summer Session at the University of Notre Dame can be found at the Notre Dame Summer Session website.

General information about summer study abroad opportunities through the Notre Dame International - Study Abroad can be found at the Notre Dame International - Study Abroad website.

Cost of Attendance

The average 2023 Summer Session undergraduate student expense budget includes:

Item Cost
Tuition $1,370 per credit
Room & Meals (For 6 Weeks) $3,665
Books $100 per course
Personal Expenses $300*
Transportation $250
Total Varies with enrollment

*Personal Expenses and Books are not included in the Cost of Attendance for students enrolled in less than 6 credit hours. 

Actual costs vary based on the number of credit hours, housing accommodations, meal plans, travel costs, and personal expenses.

For students attending a study abroad program through Notre Dame Global, the Department of Engineering, or the German Department should contact the program coordinator for the cost of attendance.

Notre Dame Students Attending Summer Session at Notre Dame

Your decision to attend the Summer Session at Notre Dame versus another institution should be made after careful consideration of your academic requirements and costs.

Summer Session Financial Aid Opportunities

Summer Session financial assistance through the Office of Financial Aid, including need-based scholarships and need-based student loans, is extremely limited. Students should primarily consider the Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Parents and private student loans to assist with Summer Session financing needs. 

Unused federal student loan eligibility from the current academic year can be used to assist with summer educational expenses. Send an email to stating your interest in borrowing the remaining loan eligibility no later than May 1.  Be sure to include your name and ndID.  More information on the Federal Direct Student Loan programs, including annual borrowing limits, is available here.      

Summer employment is coordinated by the Department of Human Resources. Students may apply for summer employment at in early March.

Student athletes should contact the Athletic Compliance Office for information about grant-in-aid and housing assistance for the Summer Session.

Summer Financial Aid Adjustments

Since enrollment periods vary during the summer your aid may be prorated based on your personal summer enrollment period. Please note that summer financial aid disbursement cannot occur until 10 days prior to your first day of summer enrollment.

Notre Dame Students Attending Summer Session at Another Institution

Notre Dame students who elect to attend summer school at another institution are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor to ensure that the course work will be transferable to Notre Dame and should also consult with the host institution regarding financial aid opportunities (such opportunities are usually very limited).

If necessary, Notre Dame students may submit a Summer Cost of Attendance Worksheet to their host institution. The completed worksheet must then be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid at the University of Notre Dame to determine private loan eligibility. Private student loans are the only financial assistance our office will process to cover the cost of your summer studies at another university. Information on your private student loan options may be found on our website. Please be sure to use the summer term on the loan application and indicate Notre Dame as your home institution.

Non-Notre Dame Students Attending Summer Session At Notre Dame

Students who are visiting the University of Notre Dame for Summer Session are not eligible for financial aid through Notre Dame. Visiting students should contact their home institution regarding consortium arrangements.