Study Abroad


Notre Dame students are encouraged to consider the opportunities for study abroad that are offered through Notre Dame International - Study Abroad. Students may choose from over 40 locations in more than 20 countries around the world. The cost for University-sponsored programs includes Notre Dame tuition and on-campus room and meals, as well as other expenses related to studying abroad. More information is available from Notre Dame International - Study Abroad.

A student enrolled in a study abroad program that is approved for credit by the University may be considered enrolled at the home institution for the purpose of applying for federal financial aid programs. Students receiving financial assistance while studying abroad will have their financial aid adjusted in accordance with the cost of the study abroad program and University policy. If eligible, students are not able to receive a refund from their student account until the first day of classes for their program. The links below provide information regarding financial aid policies for students who are studying abroad.

Summer Study Abroad

Students interested in financial assistance for summer study abroad opportunities through Notre Dame International - Study Abroad will be required to complete the same financial aid procedures as those attending Summer Session on main campus.

International Study Leave of Absence

Notre Dame students who have been granted (by their Dean) a leave of absence to attend a study abroad program at another institution are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor to ensure that the course work will be transferrable to Notre Dame.

Although not guaranteed, Notre Dame students may submit a Financial Aid Consortium Agreement to their host institution. A completed agreement will allow the University of Notre Dame to process and disburse the following types of financial aid to the host institution: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans for Parents, and private student loans.

The completed Consortium Agreement must be submitted to the University of Notre Dame Office of Financial Aid before any financial aid can be finalized or loan applications certified.

The University of Notre Dame does not provide University Scholarship or Notre Dame Subsidized Loan funds for students attending an international program of study through another institution.