Study Abroad: Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cost of studying abroad for a semester at a Notre Dame program be more than the cost of studying on campus?

Students attending a Notre Dame Study Abroad Program are typically charged Notre Dame tuition, an International Program Fee, and a $750 International Studies Fee.

Is my Notre Dame Financial Aid applicable to my study abroad program? 

The following aid is transferable to Notre Dame Administered Programs:

  • University Scholarships, Department Scholarships, Club Scholarships, Federal Pell Grant, SEO Grant, State Grants, Federal Direct & Notre Dame Subsidized Loans,  Private Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, and Outside Scholarships

The following aid is transferable to Non-Notre Dame Administered Programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loans, Private Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, and Outside Scholarships

For more information about available programs and financing your study abroad experience, please visit:

What expenses related to study abroad will my financial aid cover?

The average cost of attendance for study abroad includes tuition, the international program fee, an allowance for books, personal expenses, and transportation. These allowances recognize the reasonable expenses a student may have for personal and transportation expenses while studying abroad.

Will my financial aid cover my airfare to and from the study abroad program location?

An allowance for transportation is included in the estimated financial aid cost of attendance. Financial aid may not be disbursed until after the first class day (each semester). Students must purchase their plane ticket(s) to the program site using their own resources. If their financial aid eligibility exceeds their University charges, they may request a refund to be given after the start of the program for reimbursement. If this up-front expense would be prohibitive, please contact your study abroad program director.

What if my expenses exceed the average cost of attendance for the semester I am abroad?

If a student’s expenses exceed the average cost of attendance, they may request an increase to their cost of attendance. All requests must be submitted in writing to the Office of Financial Aid and include documentation of extraordinary expenses. An increase is not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case by case basis for private student loan eligibility only.

Will my Federal Work Study or campus employment eligibility be replaced with other financial aid while I am studying abroad?

Students may receive additional student loan eligibility to offset the amount of student employment eligibility they would be awarded if they were studying on-campus.

Are there any outside scholarships available for students participating in study abroad programs?

A list of outside scholarship opportunities is available on the Scholarships & Grants for International Study page. Since Notre Dame meets the demonstrated financial need of the student, the receipt of funds not included on the Financial Aid Offer will likely result in an adjustment to their financial assistance.

How can I apply for financial aid while studying abroad for the spring semester?

All students who wish to be considered for full financial aid eligibility must complete the FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE on an annual basis by the priority submission date of April 15th. See the Applying page for further details.

Can I get financial aid if I choose to participate in a study abroad program through another college/university (e.g. Saint Mary’s College, Butler University, etc.)?

A student must follow University policy outlined in DuLac and receive approval for a International Study Leave of Absence. A formal Consortium Agreement must be completed between the University of Notre Dame (home school) and the host institution for federal financial aid and/or private student loan consideration only. The student should contact the Office of Financial Aid for further details.

As an international student (non-citizen, living outside the U.S.), is financial aid available to cover my study abroad expenses?

Private student loan eligibility may be available. The student should contact the Office of Financial Aid for further details.

How will I be billed for my Study Abroad Program?

The authorized payer(s) will access their billing statement from the Office of Student Accounts through IRISHPAY just as if the student were enrolled on the main campus. Students studying internationally will be billed for the fall semester in mid-July and for the spring semester in early December.

How do I request a refund from my student account while I am studying abroad?

The student or parent should complete the Refund Request Form through insideND. Refunds to students are processed via direct deposit through IRISHPAY and may not be issued until the first class day of the program.